Benefits Of Metro Dental Etobicoke Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is the latest way to perform necessary dental treatments with less pain than traditional methods. Metro Dental in Etobicoke uses laser dentistry to perform treatments such as fillings quickly and with less pain. The dentists at Metro Dental use Water Lase All Tissue Laser for many treatments, including in place of the traditional hand drill.

Laser Treatment Does Less Damage to Teeth and Gums

A common complaint among dental professionals before the development of laser dentistry is the amount of damage traditional dentistry methods such as use of the hand drill can cause to the teeth and gums. Laser treatment is gentle to the tissues in and around your teeth, and allows dentists and oral surgeons to perform more precise procedures.

Laser Dentistry Means Less Treatment Time

Our dental laser allows us to perform treatments faster and more efficiently. Since the laser causes less damage to the teeth and gums, healing time after treatment is shorter and less painful. This method also reduces the need for further treatment to repair teeth damaged during traditional dental procedures.

Laser Treatment Reduces Need for Anesthetics

Some traditional dental procedures require the use of anesthesia to numb the treatment area or even put the patient to sleep. Many people have adverse reaction to anesthetics or feel anxious about taking anesthesia. With certain treatments such as dental fillings, the need for anesthetics is often eliminate when laser therapy is used for the procedure.

Laser Dentistry Works for Biopsies

Sometimes a trip to the dentist reveals areas of concern for growth of oral cancer. Biopsies and benign lesion removals are quick and painless procedures with laser dentistry. In addition to biopsies and lesion removal, certain oral surgeries can also be performed with a dental laser.

Laser Dentistry Can Reshape Your Smile

We use laser dentistry to treat both the teeth and the gums, and that includes your smile. If you have what some refer to as a “gummy smile,” Metro Dental professionals are trained to use dental lasers to reshape your gums and give you a more confident, attractive smile. Laser dentistry is changing the perception and fears of traditional dental treatments. However, you want a dentist who is highly skilled at using dental lasers. The dental team here at Metro Dental in Etobicoke are committed to staying up-to-date in training and knowledge of the latest dental therapies, including laser dentistry. Schedule your appointment with one of our esteemed dental professionals today.