What Can I Expect At A Dental Checkup In Etobicoke?

Dental check ups are a crucial step in maintaining good oral health. During a check up, your dentist can detect early signs of tooth decay, oral cancer, periodontal disease, and other types of dental problems. But going to a dentist can be daunting for those who don’t know what to expect. Today, we’re taking a look at exactly what happens during a dental check up and where you can get the best dental checkup in Etobicoke.

But First, Clean

General dentist check ups begin with a teeth cleaning performed by a dental hygienist. During the procedure, your hygienist uses a small metal instrument known as a scaler or an ultrasonic vibrating device to remove tartar from the gum line. Once the tartar is removed, your hygienist will polish and floss your teeth. Polishing your teeth reduces plaque’s ability to stick and accumulate on your teeth between cleanings.

Exam Period

After your teeth are cleaned, your dentist has a clearer view of what’s going on inside your mouth. Using a metal probe and tiny mirror, your dentist will perform an oral exam, checking for signs of decay or redness and swelling in the gums. Along with deep gingival pockets, redness and swelling are the most common signs of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. Your dentist may also check alignment and look for signs of tooth grinding or other concerns associated with TMJ. Some dentists also perform an oral cancer screening by examining your neck and lymph glands, along with your palate and the soft tissues of your mouth.

Final Consultations

After your exam is complete, your dentist will discuss any problems or concerns they have, as well as the best options for treatment. For most people, dental checkups are only needed once or twice a year. However, if you are prone to developing conditions such as cavities, gum disease, or have a self or family history of oral cancer, your dentist will recommend scheduling more frequent visits.

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