How to Find a Reputable Etobicoke Dentist

Finding a good Etobicoke dentist is an essential part of maintaining oral health. If you are comfortable with your dentist, you are far more likely to schedule regular check-ups and keep other appointments. It is important for your dental health that you find a reputable dentist that you trust. Here are a few things that can help you find a dentist in the Etobicoke area.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

You can ask your friends, family, or primary care physician for a recommendation of a dentist they would suggest using; or one they have had a good experience with formerly. Their reputation with others you already have a relationship can be important. If those you trust are trusting of the dentist, it is likely you will trust him for your care as well. If you are moving into the area, you can also ask your former dentist for a referral if he has one.

Things to Look for When You Choose a Dentist

Scheduling a consultation and taking time to talk to a dentist is the best way to determine which one is the best for you. You want to find out where he received his education and what types of continuing education he pursues. It’s actually pretty easy to find out about their professional qualifications, which are a very important aspect. But there are also some other questions you will need answers to in order to determine which dentist is most compatible with you and your needs. Here are a few questions to pursue when choosing a dentist:

  • Is their office in a convenient location? It should not take a major navigational effort to get to and from your dentist office. Ideally, their offices are located either close to your work or home, or somewhere in between. This will make it easy to keep your appointments and cost you minimal time. You will also want to look at their facility to ensure there is adequate parking.
  • How friendly is the staff? You will have to deal with the staff every time you go in to see the dentist and speak to them on the phone frequently to schedule appointments or check on medications. They should be professional, helpful and personable.
  • Does the dentist have time for you? A good dentist will be able to keep to a schedule. This can be a very important issue if you need to make your appointments during your lunch breaks. You’ll also want to take as little time off work as necessary to go to the dentist, so they should be able to stick reasonably close to their schedule. You’ll also want to find out how long it takes to get an appointment; in other words, can you get one the week you call? Or will it be weeks before you can get in to see him?
  • Do you feel comfortable around the dentist? While you are talking with a dentist you should get a good idea about how he interacts with you and learn a little about his personality. Does he put you at ease? Does he sound knowledgeable and comfortable with sharing information? In most cases, your first impression is right, go with your gut.

Don’t feel uncomfortable when asking the dentist your questions. The dentist is actually working for you, so it’s not unreasonable to make him earn your business. He should be able to sit down with you and address all of your concerns and answer your questions. Even though this seems like a lot of work on your part, it can save you a lot of time later down the road.