Get Periodontics Treatment in Etobicoke

Maintaining good oral health consists of more than just healthy teeth. Your gums and the bones in your oral cavity are just as crucial to your oral health as keeping your teeth cavity-free. When conditions such as gum disease arise, you will need periodontics treatment to get your mouth health on track. At West Metro Dental in Etobicoke, we offer in-house periodontics treatment in addition to general dental exams, which means we can both diagnose and begin treating conditions concerning gum health.

How do I know if I need periodontics treatment?

There are a number of symptoms that could be a sign of gingivitis, including:

  • Swollen, tender, or red gums
  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums

In addition to these symptoms, you may also be experiencing pain while chewing or notice that some of your teeth feel loose. If you have any of these symptoms, you could have a serious gum disease known as periodontitis.

What are the types of periodontics treatment?

There are a variety of both nonsurgical and surgical treatments available. The first step is typically a deep cleaning of the gums with a scaling and planing treatment, in which a special tool is used to scrape away tartar that has built up around the tooth’s root when deep pockets form in the gums due to gum disease. In many cases, this all the treatment one needs to treat their gum disease. In other instances, you may receive medication to apply at home using a fitted tray to wear on your teeth and gums at home. In serious cases of periodontitis, you may need a gum graft or a laser periodontics treatment to resolve your condition.

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