Our dentist uses the WaterLase® iPlus All-Tissue Laser for many of our procedures. This dental laser can replace the traditional hand drill. We choose this relatively new technology because it is considered a safe and effective alternative. We also know that lasers can offer you a variety of benefits.

No More Pain

The WaterLase® iPlus virtually eliminates pain for many dental procedures. Any anxiety you have about seeing the dentist can be quickly reduced once you experience treatment with this new equipment.

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Less Time in the Dental Chair

We can treat you faster and more efficiently using the dental laser. The WaterLase® we use does the same work as a dental drill in half the time. Also, hand drills can cause damage to your teeth and surrounding tissues. The laser does not damage the teeth in this way, so you get to avoid additional treatments you might otherwise need to repair those teeth.

Reduced Need for Anesthetic

With our dental laser, you probably won’t need any anesthetic at all for treatments such as fillings. Since anesthetic injections are often the most feared part of dental procedures, you can relax more fully when we use the laser.

Dental Drills Can Cause Anxiety

The whining sound of a dental drill fills some patients with anxiety. The drill’s screech is at a frequency that can jangle the nerves immediately. In contrast, the dental laser is quiet and gentle. Thus, lasers reduce anxiety for our patients.

Other Benefits of Dental Lasers

Our WaterLase® iPlus All-Tissue Laser has so many benefits you might not even recognize them all immediately. However, knowing what the laser has to offer can set your mind at ease and let you know what to expect during and after treatment. Dental lasers also:

  • Reduce bleeding.
  • Reduce swelling.
  • Can save more of the tooth root when you are having a cavity filled.
  • Are so gentle and accurate that soft tissues may not require stitches.
  • Minimize risk for bacterial infections.
  • Promote faster healing.
  • Reduce risk for damage to surrounding tissues.
  • Allow more precise treatments.


We can use the WaterLase® iPlus  when we fill a cavity. First, we can use it to remove the decay from the tooth. This dental laser is 50% faster than a dental drill. It’s also quieter and more comfortable for you.

Gum Treatments

We can treat the soft tissues of your gums with the help of a laser. If you have a gummy smile, we can reshape your gums for a more pleasing appearance.

Biopsies and Lesion Removal

Biopsies are easy on you when we choose a dental laser to take a tissue sample from your mouth. If you have a lesion that proves to be benign, we can also remove it with the laser.

Oral Surgery

We can do oral surgery with the use of a laser. Depending on the surgery you need, your dentist can work with soft tissues, teeth and bones to help you achieve better oral health. The procedure is more precise and the healing time is dramatically reduced.


We value our patients - See what our patients have to say about their experiences at our dental practice!

Emily Sedgwick

West Metro Dental was as pleasant an experience as a Dental visit can be. The office was clean and in a very accessible location. My one complaint is that I requested my x-rays be sent to an oral surgeon and they haven't responded to my request yet. Other than that the office has friendly professionals and is a good atmosphere!

Emily Sedgwick
Sara Elle LeBlanc

Most amazing team! Very professional and helpful with anything to do with your teeth. I absolutely love and appreciate my Hygienist Kim! She's so sweet and always makes sure my teeth are clean and sparkling white! Best team of dental professionals in the GTA hands down!

Sara Elle LeBlanc
Sarah Ramnarine

Best dental office I've ever been to! The staff is very friendly and they genuinely care! They have all of the new technology and are very good at their jobs from wisdom teeth extraction to root canals to cleaning. I highly recommend them!

Sarah Ramnarine
Elijah Vieau

Been a patient for 5 years. Dr Walia and his staff are incredible. Everyone greets me by name. Never wait more than 20 minutes for an appointment. The true definition of superior customer service and this is from a guy who worked in the customer service industry for many years. I've moved 3 times since being a patient and continue to go to west metro despite there being dentists closer to where I live. I always feel welcome.

Elijah Vieau


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