Oral Surgery

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Many oral health problems require more than a simple filling. Sometimes, oral surgery is the best solution. When that is the case, you can rely on your West Metro Dental professionals to provide the oral health care you need.

Removing Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth, or third molars as they are also called, often need to be removed because the jaw is not large enough to hold them in a straight alignment. In some cases, the wisdom teeth become impacted. Since they are stuck between the jaw and the gum tissue and can’t emerge normally, our oral surgeon needs to remove them so you can have your optimal dental health. Other teeth besides the wisdom teeth can also become impacted, necessitating oral surgery in these cases as well.

Replacing Missing Teeth

If you lose a tooth, your dental hygiene suffers, and even your overall health can go downhill due to difficulties with eating nutritious foods. We can replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. Although implant procedures are more common now than in the past, they are still a type of oral surgery requiring a professional trained in the procedure.

Temporomandibular Joint Corrections

Temporomandibular joint disorders can cause both headaches and pain in your face. The TMJ is a small joint between your jaw and your skull that can develop functional problems. We may be able to treat your TMJ/TMD with a simple night guard to wear as you sleep. However, when this treatment is not enough to provide satisfactory results, you may need surgery to correct the problem.

Uneven Jaw Growth

Jaws normally grow equally to provide an even, comfortable bite. However, some people’s jaw growth does not go so smoothly. Orthodontia can solve many problems with your bite, but you may need surgery if your jaw is severely uneven.

Preparing for Dentures

Most of our patients are able to be fitted for dentures without any advance preparations. However, if you have jaw irregularities, we can correct them before taking the impressions to have your dentures made. This improves the fit of the denture for your long-term oral health and comfort.

For Facial Injuries

Facial injuries can happen when playing sports, in car or household accidents or anytime during the course of your everyday life. In some cases, you might need oral surgery to make repairs and promote long-lasting dental health.

Removing Lesions

Oral cancer screenings, an essential part of good oral health, can reveal benign lesions. Although these lesions may not be dangerous, they can lead to discomfort and dental dysfunction. During a minor oral surgery procedure, we can remove benign lesions.

Consultations and Treatment Planning

With routine dental care, we can identify issues that require oral surgery. Whether you are already a regular patient with us or you are just now considering your need for oral surgery, we are here to help! Let us know about any discomfort, injuries or problems with chewing or talking. We can provide a complete evaluation of your teeth, jaws and mouth. Then, we recommend oral surgery treatments if they are necessary for you oral health. We schedule your surgery as soon as possible and provide professional treatment for your specific needs.