In House Endodontist

If you have tooth pain, it is hard to concentrate on your daily activities or think about anything but the discomfort. The soft tissue inside your tooth can become inflamed or infected, causing pain that can be nearly unbearable. The good news is you may not have to lose the tooth. More good news is that we have an in-house endodontist to provide you with effective treatment at our convenient location.

Root Canal Therapy

Metro Dental Etobicoke Proud To Have In House Endodontist

The most common endodontic treatment we do is root canal therapy. After an injury to your tooth, you may need a root canal treatment if the root is damaged. Another source of root damage is deep decay. Once the root canal is damaged, it can quickly become inflamed or infected. To get to the source of the pain, we remove the pulp of your tooth and insert a special sealing material in its place. This allows you to keep your natural tooth instead of having to get an implant or denture.

Benefits of In-House Endodontic Treatment

Many dental clinics would send you to a specialist at another clinic for endodontic treatment. Because we have an in-house endodontist, you can:

  • Have the work done in a familiar place
  • Deal with our same friendly office staff
  • Avoid delays associated with going to a different clinic
  • Get specialized treatment for your endodontic issues.

Root Canal Procedure

After we numb the area, our endodontist uses special dental tools to clean out the root canals and remove the pulp from your tooth. The next step is to add a sealant to protect your tooth from further decay.

Root Canal Therapy and Dental Phobia

Root canal therapy has been compared to some of the most painful and unpleasant experiences you will ever face. However, the people who make this comparison seriously are ill-informed about what it is like to have a root canal procedure. The treatment is nearly pain-free. What is more, it relieves the often intense pain you might feel when the pulp of your tooth is infected or inflamed.

Dental phobia can keep you from getting the best dental care available. Even cleanings can become a nightmare for you if you are filled with anxiety at the thought of visiting the dental clinic. Yet, you need to see your dentist for routine care as well as when you have an urgent oral health problem like an inflamed or infected tooth. If you have dental phobia, we can help you face endodontic procedure more confidently. Our endodontist can offer sedation methods that reduce your anxiety and increase your comfort during the treatment.

Restoring the Tooth

Once the endodontic treatment is completed, you will need a filling or a crown to restore the tooth. In many cases, a crown is preferable, especially if you had a large cavity or major damage in the tooth. We can take digital impressions and produce the crown at our clinic. Then, our dentist checks the crown for a perfect fit and adheres it to the tooth. Your tooth is preserved, and so is your smile!