Metro Dental Etobicoke Proud To Have In House Endodontist

Metro Dental is always striving to provide optimal oral health services to their patients in Etobicoke. Among the many services offered to benefit our patients is our in house endodontist. What is an endodontist? Keep reading today’s blog to find out what an endodontist can do and also find out how they are different to a regular dentist.

Endodontists are Specialists in the Root of the Tooth

While this subheading may sound like a cute rhyme, it’s actually accurate in describing an endodontists. Endodontists specifically specialize in treating the soft tissues of the teeth. The most common treatment they perform is root canal therapy.

Our In House Endodontist Work to Save the Natural Tooth

Root canal therapy is needed when the tooth’s pulp becomes infected as the result of untreated decay or traumatic injury. With an estimated 95 percent success rate, root canal therapy can often preserve natural teeth that would have been lost without the treatment.

Endodontists Help with Dental Phobia

If the mere thought of visiting the dentist is enough to send you into an anxiety attack, our in house endodontist etobicoke at Metro Dental can help. Our endodontist is specially trained to provide sedation methods to help our fearful patients relax and receive the treatment they need.

The Difference Between Endodontists and Dentists

While all endodontists are dentists, only a small percentage of dentists are endodontists. Endodontist are considered specialists because they’ve undergone two more years of education and training in endodontic therapy. Dentists treat a variety of dental conditions daily while endodontists only perform endodontic treatments.

If you have tooth pain that hasn’t gone away with other dental treatments and care, you may need to see an endodontist. Metro Dental is proud to service our Etobicoke patient with an in house endodontist. Click here to contact us to schedule an appointment.