Does WaterLase iPlus Laser Better than Traditional Gum Treatments?

The WaterLase iPlus All tissue laser is one of the latest technological advancements in the world of dentistry. The system combines a gentle water spray and laser energy and can be used to successfully perform a variety of dental procedures including treatments to the teeth, bones and gums. The WaterLase does not damage teeth or gum tissue and continuously re-hydrates teeth without generating heat. It surgically cuts tissue and helps soft tissues coagulate. When compared with traditional gum treatments, there are some distinct advantages to the WaterLase iPlus.

Less Painful for Patients who have Sensitive Teeth

One primary advantage is for those who have chronically sensitive teeth. The Waterlase iPlus can be used with minimal discomfort. Even the most sensitive teeth can be desensitized safely and comfortably. There is no need to suffer through painful injections just so you can have gum treatments, the procedure can be done without pain. Some traditional gum treatment options were painful for many and especially for those with sensitive teeth.

Less Noisy than Other Dental Equipment

The WaterLase is much quieter than most other dental equipment. For many people, having to listen to the drill or other instruments whir away during treatments and procedures was annoying. However, the patient should not be exposed to too much noise during this treatment as there are very few sounds generated by the WaterLase. It is possible that the patient will hear a slight hissing sound or a quiet popping sound as the jet is being released. But it is a much quieter process than traditional options.

Less Time Needed for the Treatment

There are several different treatments the WaterLase system can be beneficial for and treating gums is just one of them. No matter what type of treatment the dental professional is performing, it will usually take a much shorter period of time than traditional methods. Depending on the specific treatment, it may take a few minutes or even just a brief moment to complete. Some treatment procedures require multiple visits to the dentist’s office, but the WaterLase treatments can be done all in one visit saving you time and travel.

Less Bleeding and Swelling than Traditional Methods

Another way the WaterLase iPlus is better than traditional means is the process minimizes bleeding and controls swelling. This is die to the conservative and gentle cutting action causing much less trauma to the gums and the laser’s unique coagulating capabilities. In most situations, the patient will have very little discomfort following the treatment, and most do not have any at all.

The WaterLase iPlus All-Tissue Laser is one of the most advanced form of dental technology we have available today. It has already been used successfully in the treatment of millions of patients. There is no need to fear or dread going to the dentist as this dental solution is a quicker and more comfortable process.